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Storyteller at Heart

    As a child, Pamela was often found hidden away with a book in hand. Thanks to her  grade school teacher, who loved her books and encouraged her to ‘Keep on writing’, she published her  first book Revelations in 2014. 

    These days you can find her at home in Little Falls N.Y, with her kids and dog. Most nights, except when her favorite TV show Supernatural is on, you can find her in her  office bringing her characters to life. (And yes, sometimes arguing with them along the way.)



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  Getting the flu for her seventeenth birthday wasn’t exactly the gift Jenna Morgan was hoping for. It meant no party, no friends, and no fun. But when she recovers, Jenna feels better than well, she feels changed. And when her mom takes her to the local flea market, something they both love, it’s almost enough to make Jenna forget the haunting dreams she’s been having of two faceless boys on a distant beach, each one beckoning her to come with him

   Then a strange man at the market gifts Jenna a pendant, and her mom freaks out. She drags Jenna home and suddenly announces they’re moving and it’s important she tells no one. 

  Jenna knows they’re on the run from someone or something, but she doesn’t know what. And she’ll lose much more than her normal life and her senior year before she finds out why both angels and demons are hunting her. 

The last year has been rough on Jenna. There’s no denying that. Discovering she was a powerful Nephilim being hunted by angels and demons was only the beginning. And losing her mother to the betrayal of someone she chose to trust was nearly the end.

Now, life is finally getting back to normal. She’s found a new home with the kindhearted Arlene Connors, and fallen deeply in love with the handsome, gentle Dylan.

But then Dylan starts acting strangely, and showing signs of a power Jenna doesn’t understand. She soon discovers the truth of his true heritage and must figure out a way to keep him hidden from those that will surely come for him.


When Dylan made the ultimate sacrifice to save the woman he loves, he never thought he’d see her again. But when he learns she is still in danger, he’s forced to ally with an old enemy to save her. 

With Daniel’s cunning plan to gain ultimate power and a secret that could tear apart Dylan and Jenna forever, they will have to act fast before Daniel can use his newest creation against mankind.


Alliances is the edge of your seat finale in The Revelations Series


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After a devastating betrayal, Abby Bennett fled her hometown of Emmett Cove swearing to never return.  She left behind family and friends to try and salvage the sliver of humility she had left. So, with a new career on her horizon, she made a plan to move on… but what she hadn’t expected was history repeating itself.

Now, seven years later, she finds herself back in Emmett Cove and face to face with the one person she never wanted to see again.

Candy Cotton

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